how much for the bawks?

Sunday, October 29, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
So after a boring, boring, boring Friday night, Saturday afternoon was equally as boring. Too much work! The afternoon got better with a last minute trip to the Vill with Krispy and the Leb. It was packed, especially the men's suit aisle. We debated getting Krispy a tie with Fred Flinstone on it to wear to the "wedding". Yaba daba I do? Come on, that's genius! Some guy asked us our opinion about his costume. We didn't think it was tacky enough, but Krispy says we aren't allowed to be rude to strangers.

That night I donned my mother's wedding gown and grabbed some tacky earrings and a tacky bouquet and man, I was one hot bride. Krispy made a lovely groom, but she (he?) showed up a little late...I had to find a stand-in for the time being. I'm sorry, but James Bond was charming.

I'm getting ahead of myself here. Wally, Cam, Meagan and I drove down to the Hammer together, while listening to some Hamiltunes (yes, it is rather cute). We got some people's attention on the way there...a bus driver and everything.

Luke was a tree. Caleb was Gumby. Some guy was a mailbox. Some other guy was a garden gnome. Luke's sister was a crayon. Kerry was kind of a big deal. Goo was a fairy. Overall, people were very creative with their costumes. I have to step up next year.

There was a haunted house and it made me scream. I swear it wasn't scary but my reaction to anything startling is screaming. Curses.

It was time for a piggyback, so we left Hollywood for home. Tally Ho and Hamiltunes again.

Oh, and Doogie Hauser was there.