Life Goals

Here are my 30 before 30 (in no particular order):

  1. See Sufjan Stevens in concert
  2. Eat lobster
  3. Live within walking distance of a coffee shop/craft store/fancy cooking store (any would do)
  4. Write a song other than ones I make up on the spot every day
  5. See the Rocky Mountains
  6. Take dance lessons
  7. Completely gut and renovate an old house
  8. Land a permanent contract job
  9. Take voice lessons
  10. Talk in an accent for an evening in order to convince a stranger that it’s real
  11. Take a fancy cooking course (or several)
  12. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert
  13. Be a part of a show where people pay $20.00 or more to see
  14. Sing in front of a crowd
  15. See a show on Broadway
  16. Hit up a jazz club in downtown Montreal (must be drinking a martini when this occurs)
  17. Fall in love
  18. Teach nieces and nephews a choreographed song and dance number
  19. See the ocean (any one will do)
  20. Adopt a Greyhound dog
  21. Publish a children's book (or three)
  22. Try my hand at some stand-up comedy
  23. Travel to the east coast
  24. Make flan
  25. Host an unnecessarily fancy dinner party (serve flan)
  26. Go scuba diving
  27. Babies! Birth, adopt, foster – any way they choose to come to me.
  28. Oh, get married (that first...then babies)
  29. Preach a sermon
  30. Change someone’s life (for the better)