Facial Hair 103

Thursday, February 3, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Here comes part 3. If you missed parts 1 and 2, just scroll down. This isn't a difficult process.

Facial Hair 103: The Chinstrap

Oh the chinstrap. That strip of facial hair running from the sideburn, around the chin and back up the opposite sideburn. The chinstrap is a tricky subject to broach. My knee-jerk reaction is to say that chinstraps are horrible and the only guys sporting chinstraps also have fake tans, popped collars and smell like the cosmetics department at the Bay. When I think chinstrap, I think d-bag. The two go hand in hand. Here is a prime example of such a chinstrap:

Really? It looks like someone doodled on your face. What about this one?

I should not look at a dude's face and think, "so is that actual beard? Or did he just draw on himself with eyeliner?" That's confusing. And way too accurate, if you ask me. Stop drawing on yourself and fix your collar. The world will thank you.

There is a way to sport a chinstrap without looking like a douche. Here are some things to consider: it must be wide enough; it must be tidy; it must be even; it must not infringe on the neck. It mustn't be worn on a fake tanned face. Or in conjunction with a popped collar. If you wear a chinstrap properly, it can make a good impression.

A chinstrap can also say, "Hey, I'm neat. I'm tidy. I'm a good guy and I look good in a chinstrap. I'm confident that I could dress up as a leprechaun in ladies clothing and still make this chinstrap look hot*."

It's challenging, but it's definitely possible.