Oh Stuart...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Last night I pulled a pretty late one trying to finish a paper. I had a presentation this morning at 8am, so I didn't get much sleep at all. The presentation went splendidly, despite almost passing out from exhaustion and overheating in that stupid room.

I took my knitting to school for the break. Oh man, I've never been so sleepy and delirious. I knit in the clubs office, and Silas laughed at the "spy hole" that was in the middle of my scarf. I don't know what I did...I ended up with more stitches, so there was definitely no stitch droppage. Another row of memories.

Nicky was going on no sleep, so our next class was a barrel of fun. We stole "Stuart's" spot and sat in the front row and distracted Preyde. I think I giggled the whole class. Nicky stole my apple, and Melly wrote silly things on my page. Lunch with the girls, then more sitting on the grey stairs. I was really super tired at this point, and the filter that normally controls what comes out of my mouth was no where to be found. Needless to say, I talked to a guy that I just met about tampons (don't even ask..) and farts. I'm that classy. We'll see if he talks to me the next time I see him.

We tried to break into College St after class but we failed miserably. It's a freakin vault.

Right now I'm way too tired to even be concerned with Halloween. My oldest brother took it over - carved the pumpkin and everything. Right now he's sitting on the porch in a costume scaring children. He is freezing cold and hasn't eaten supper, but refuses to come in because he still sees kids. He's already planning his scare tactics for next Halloween. Heather and I had to make an emergency trip to get more candy. Our neighbourhood is crawling with children. Spontaneous car dance party with Hillary Duff and Lil Romeo. We got way too much chocolate. Lots of candy at our house for the next while.

That's about all. My mind is a blur.