Brunk and Dictatorially

Monday, November 20, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
My face hurts from smiling.

Source was great on Friday. We watched That Thing You Do afterwards. I like, I like. Saturday was a productive day in terms of cleaning. I love living in a clean space. Makes me smile. Saturday night was my 81 days late birthday party. Wally and Jono came over for pizza and tea. What fun. Everyone else came, with a cardboard version of myself to keep Lenny company when I don't bring him places. The cardboard version of myself is wearing a bra, eating popcorn and wearing a paper bag dress. Classy. I love it. :o) We watched some quality movies, my couch ate a knitting needle and my feet were warm for once.

Sunday. Best day. So good. Church was great, partly because of Kerry's "Jesus has a good dental plan" comment. Jamie finally came to Feeding Frenzy and we laughed about our runaway seadoo incident (scary scary times, let me tell you). Improv was fun, but there was no speaking in tongues.

Ok, I love surprises. So much. You don't even KNOW. Surprises that you think are going to be electric socks, but then turn out to be surprises involving Chris Carabba are even better. I hope Jimmy Johnson won the nascar race. Only because he has a giggle-worthy name. Why do nascar drivers have alliterated names?

Kerry let me shave his head, which turned out to be an absolute disaster....we were going to have to start calling him Patches. I fixed it, but it's just shorter than originally expected, and it took a long time... I'm glad I have such trustworthy friends that let me fufill my dreams of being a hairdresser. Apparantly I have a deft touch?