Dinner and a Stoplight Show

Saturday, November 11, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Wednesday I was driving to school, and I stopped at a light on Northfield. I look over and see a younger guy, maybe late twenties, early thirties, holding a sign and waving. With a huge corny smile on his face. The sign says "Vote Trevor Archer" and I realize that this in fact, is Trevor himself, waving to me as I sit at the stoplight.

I, being the ever considerate person I am, sat at the light and laughed at him. Really laughed a Santa Claus belly laugh. I was first in line at the light, and me and Trev definitely made eye contact. His smile changed to that of a "real" one when he saw me busting a gut. I think he realizes he looks ridiculous.

Um....Trevor, why would you do this? Really, are people going to vote for you because you are smiling and waving? I'll admit that it sort of worked, because I remember the guy's name, but I don't see how this method of campaigning is necessary. Smiling and waving only works for beauty queens, I think, and although Trevor isn't an unattractive man, I hardly think that waving his beauty queen wave will win him any votes.

Yesterday when driving to school, I saw him again, at another intersection, and I laughed some more. I think we made eye contact again. Well, if it doesn't work out for him, it at least provides me with some laughter to start my day.

To Do List:
finish geography paper so I can go to improv
bake my famous gf (that's gluten free, not girlfriend) cookies for Sunday's potluck
contact Trevor to get some beauty queen waving tips