Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Tyler made a request. I followed through. If anyone else wishes to see a post with a title of their choice, you must leave a comment. If you would like to see an entire post about a certain subject, you must post this in comment form as well. I like to please my readers. Thank you.

I went to Starbucks again today. My mother came along this time and experienced Starbucks for the very first time. I think she was overwhelmed by all the lingo. Cute bearded guy was working again, and he made us wonderful soy chais (that word looks weird). I think next Sunday afternoon he will propose. I'll drink my chai and there will be a ring in the bottom of the cup. Yep, that sounds about right. Before you call me shallow, I have to say that I wouldn't be marrying him based entirely on looks. Our relationship would be based on his looks AND his ability to make a mean soy chai. Huge difference there, folks.

This afternoon Maja and I went to an Art/Craft Show at Bingeman's. It wasn't terribly exciting, but it was good to browse and get ideas. I found myself looking at things, loving them, and then realizing, "Hey, I could totally make this." It's encouraging, actually. This past week classes have been especially boring so I've been sketching out ideas for purses, clothes etc that I've had in my head for months but haven't put onto paper. It is exciting. This is the first I've really "announced" it in any way, but there very well could be a little business in my future (Dad is excited). I've been thinking about it for almost a year now, but I've been too nervous to mention anything. My lack of a job in May and June makes it a perfect time to do a little experimenting with patterns etc....this is all very new, but we'll see what happens! :o)