Tales of Unrelient A and the Rollarskating Gypsies

Sunday, March 11, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Normally I try to stay away from "thisiswhatIdidthisweekend" blogs, but honestly, mine was too crazy not to blog.

This past week was a rather stupid one - papers, 4am mornings, unsigned course waivers - so an eventful weekend was in order. The weekend started a day early, what with the Tyler Schwende Band playing in the Last Band Standing competition at Wilf's and all. The boys played splendidly, and came away with a first prize trophy. Um, wait, I don't think there was a trophy. Medals, perhaps?? They were up against some stiff competition, and I now have another new band to add to the list of bands that you must check out: Will Currie and the Country French. Go listen to their stuff. Now. It's fun and fantastic and they had a tambourine, which scores points with me.

Friday was a youth event which involved eating mystery flavours of baby food, and airbands. I don't care who you are, everyone always has a good time doing airbands. Our group (Unrelient A) did a rendition of Sadie Hawkins Dance. And yes, there were kahki pants. And boys in dresses. I played the broom. There was a fine display of hip shaking from all the guys in the other band, and some wicked metallic power ranger-esque outfits. Apparantly there ain't no mountain high enough to keep Caleb away from skin tight snakeskin pants.

Speaking of too-tight snakeskin pants, it was Caleb's 24th birthday bash on Saturday. A whole crew of us made our way over to the Village of Value on Hespler Rd, dressed each other up, and then took our cute little booties over to the rollarama. With Coffey in snakeskin, Gregoire in sequins, Enes in pink princess sweats, and Luke S. in a purple (or shall I say, light mauve) warm-up suit and a ponytail, we made quite the scene at the rollar rink. I give myself and Krispy an honorable mention for finding matching Dora the Explorer (ExploraH) velour zip up pink sweaters and our matching side ponytails and hot pink lipstick. Pam's cougar outfit was smashing as well. Heck, everyone looked pretty ridiculous and it was wonderful.

Sunday Kerry read a children's book in church, some kids did some announcements, I made faces at a baby and then UCF planned our trip to Califloridawii. Since it was sunny, D and I celebrated with TCBY, and we had our first BBQ at home. Mmmm BBQ.

I smell springtime, and it smells mighty fine. Hooray for flowers coming soon. Just the thought makes me smile....ooh Mandie loves flowers.