Wednesday, April 25, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I think that was a combination of blog and booger. It was a typo, but a funny one, so I left it. hee hee.

My old room is now the colour of chocolate fondu. It makes you want to lick the wall, Willy Wonka style.

Monday was the return of improv and it was fun. Don't ever say the word "chaps" to creates large amounts of chaos...and tears....laughing tears...and the inability to breathe. Thursday is more improv. Twice in one week...ooohweee! I'm still pretty horrible so lets hope I get better all of a sudden for the fundraiser on the fifth.

Tuesday night there were some good times had by all in Guelph. It took all year and no school to hang out at 403 for once. I've decided that it needs to happen more often. Tacos, concrete, good company, movies, Gilmore Girls, a comfy couch - really, who could ask for more? (Well, I could've asked for louder singing of the GG was lacking)

I don't do anything all day. Nothing. Today...I had a massage. And that's all I did. I am pretty destroyed from said massage and I couldn't have done anything if I wanted to, but still, I had nothing planned, so I did nothing. Wait...I knit a bunch. I'm boring.

I've also been thinking about how people are leaving for more fun places other than Waterloo and I won't see them for awhile (or possibley never again, in some cases). I'm not really liking the whole, "goodbye, have a nice life" thing.

Next week I'm going back to kindergarten and it will be fun. That is all.