I'd be stuck, Cap'n!

Monday, April 30, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I think the sunshine and warm weather makes everything happy. Things just look...happy when it is sunny out.

Today Kristi, Diana, Caleb and I went to the mall before all the stores opened to do some quality mall walking with all the seniors. The senior population was surprisingly lacking, probably because of the sun, but we did see some wind suits and fanny packs here and there.

We lapped the mall about four times, and passed a guy straightening his hair in a kiosk every time. By the end of the day, I think I passed him at least eight or nine times. The second last and last times, I got a smile, and I'm sure that if I had stopped to talk, I would have gotten a date, or something. We were old friends by that time.

After the mall walk Heather showed up to do some shopping, which was HIGHLY successful. I haven't had a successful shopping trip in a good long time, so it was needed. The only horribley horrible part was the time I was trying on a dress and got stuck.

Heather made me try it on because she liked it (I thought it was rather hideous..haha). It wasn't stretchy material, had no buttons or a zipper, and the midsection was corset-like. It was tricky to get on, and that should have been my first hint. Once I had it on, and we laughed at it's hideousness, I went back in the changeroom and tried, but could not get it off. I could not get my arms out, I could not lift it up and um...over. I was stuck. I panicked a little. Heather had to come in and help me get out of it, and it was a struggle even with help. We had a good laugh because really, only I could get stuck in an ugly dress at Fairweathers.

Getting stuck aside, it was a lovely day with my sis and we went to Toys 'R' Us to buy baby things which made it even lovelier. (Matt, if you read this, please have children. I want a niece. Please.)

Thursday is my first day of kindergarten and I'm EXCITED.