Jump to your own conclusions

Sunday, April 8, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Today is Easter. Jesus is risen (He is risen, indeed). I remember when I was little, I was always freaked out when everyone said the "He is risen, indeed" part. Where the heck did everyone learn that? Was there a special meeting, or something, that I missed out on? That whole phrase makes me smile when I remember that. Plus, He IS risen. Indeed. :o)

I spent some of the weekend up at the cottage. The ice has melted, and there are ducks, but it was still snowy and gross. I spend the majority of the weekend studying in my lemon of a room, which sucked. Today I pretended I was part of Tyler's family, and sat with them in church. It was fun. So many Flatt people. And some dude in the choir jumped to conclusions.

Then I came home and called my cousin, only to leave a message on her machine which sounded something like this: "Hello (giggle hahahahahaha...silence....laughter laugher giggle giggle) Call me (giggle laughter funny noises) please. I should go drink coffee. (haaahahahaheheeteehehe laughter giggle)". I have no idea why I found it so funny to leave a message. I would apologize, but my giggley messages are better than my singing messages. So be THANKFUL that you got giggles and not singing.

I wish I had a real piano. A shiny black Yamaha.

I have to study for my exam tomorrow morning. I also need to go dress shopping for a wedding. Ha cha cha, I don't know why I wrote this blog. It seems unnecessary.