I'm warning you, this is going to be obnoxious

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Alright, so this is something only a seasoned Celiac can appreciate. My mother (the best mother in the world) found PURE UNCONTAMINATED OATS!!!!!!!!!!!11 Yes, that phrase deserved multiple exclamation marks and 1s. Oats are gluten free but always grown/processed in gluten-containing environments. But there are PURE UNCONTAMINATED OATS!!!!!!!!!11 now. This is exciting. Last night I had porridge for the first time in sixteen years. SIXTEEN YEARS! That's older than some people! And of course, I took pictures...

here they are! (Mom: "Are you seriously taking a picture of the oats?)

and now they're boiling (Mom: "Amanda, that is ridiculous.")

here we go, I'm really excited (Mom: "I can't believe I'm taking a picture of you eating oatmeal. I didn't even do this when you were a baby.")

mmmmmmm oatmeal! (Mom: "OK seriously, you need to find something better to do!")

So far, so good. No sickness. Lets hope this lasts. I want to try my mother's famous cookies. I'm sure I'll have pictures for that too.