Wednesday, June 6, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Kristi and I head to Ottawa Friday morning.

If the Sens win tonight, we will be downtown Ottawa for game 6. Hoooooooyeeeeeeah.

More importantly, THE GOLDEN DOGS! will be in Ottawa when we are! I love THE GOLDEN DOGS! because they are fantastic and fun and wacky. If you've never heard THE GOLDEN DOGS! then you should listen to them right now. Then you will love THE GOLDEN DOGS! too.

Also, never call frozen pizza "froz pizz" because it sounds gross. Almost gross enough to keep me from eating it. Almost.

Tomorrow evening, the kids at Lexington are doing their School House Rock musical. I'm excited to see some of the props I made being put to use! And to see little grade six Charlie sing the pants off the Number 3 song.

I want to go to Wonderland. On the 23rd. :oP

My excitement has taken away my ability to write coherently. I apologize.