i miss you

Friday, July 13, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I miss my blog. I know, it's pathetic, but I do. I also miss reading blogs. The cottage is slightly lonely. I'm surrounded by people all day and after work it's QUIET and so DEAD. I miss people I actually know.

A family of earwigs lives in my mailbox.

I have seen eight old men with combovers. I would rather have a mullet than a combover. Combovers are narrrsty.

I have only waitressed for a grand total of two hours this summer. I am going to start training in the registration office in August sometime. I'm moving up in the world of Summer House.

Nothing too exciting happens here. I work, I do bingo, I come home, I ride my bike, I eat, I read. Occationally kayak. Last week I went to the big city of Wiarton. I may even venture all the way to Owen Sound to see a movie sometime. By myself. haaahaha. Oh boy.

Apparantly the ministry just trapped a baby bear, so I'm going to go investigate. Rawr.