It's actually hard!

Monday, August 27, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I think working all summer forces me to be super outgoing, and when I come back to "the real world" I am unnaturally outgoing and people find me strange.

Like today, for example. We were in the scrapbooking aisle at Michael's (the craft store), and there was a good looking, twentysomething guy in one of the aisles with a basket. YES, I KNOW. A guy. In Michael's. In the scrapbooking aisle. WITH A BASKET. He was in a police foundations uniform, which made him stand out even more, and I was just so dang curious that I walked up to him and asked him if he was buying a present, or if he scrapbooked. His response?

"I'm making a scrapbook for my girlfriend."

Dump her. Make me a scrapbook.

I was completely taken aback, and proceeded to congratulate him, and he started venting to me about how hard scrapbooking is, and how he can't seem to find stickers to go with pictures, or how the background paper just doesn't GO! and how he thought it would be an inexpensive gift but he is spending a fortune and how he doesn't have any ideas, or movie ticket stubs, or receipts from dates or anything that normally goes in scrapbooks. He was a wee bit flustered. We talked colour combinations, and as long as it was the same colour scheme, it is ok to mix patterns. I think a lightbulb went on. I then gave him the idea to glue coffee beans on the page that explains their first date and I thought he was going to pass out with excitement.

So it's a little weird that I ask strangers questions without even thinking about it, but I kind of enjoy the really outgoing version of myself. I get to talk about colour coordination and paper and ribbons and pretty things.

Maybe I should start a scrapbook consulting business. Or just stalk people in Michael's more often.