it all comes together in the end

Monday, September 3, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
It feels like I haven't been here in awhile.

Tuesday was my birthday. It was the standard Bast family birthday - balloons, good dishes, pretty napkins, amazing food and presents. It was good to be home with the family to celebrate, instead of scattered all around like we normally are in the summer.

Wednesday was the much anticipated 80s party. Man, it was a blast. The outfits were radical, the girl talk was tubular, and the dance party in my room was SPECTACULAR. Honestly, 13+ people in a tiny room dancing is a ton of fun. And then we watched the Goonies. SUCH a good time!

I was back up to the cottage for one last weekend of work. It was quite a lovely weekend too (especially when wandering eye Jim made creepy comments(again!): "bring up your clubs sometime and we'll go golfing after work."). Sharon was MIA for most of the weekend (yessssss), Darci was only mildly irritating, and the office ladies and Cheryl were extra lovely. (Missed Jo and Kristen a bunch, though!) AHHH haha and Awkward Jake showed up and attempted to start conversation again. Still no luck, buddy.

The only really eventful part of the weekend was bingo. One of the dads dumped coffee all over his son, and the kid let out the most blood curdling scream that I've ever heard. I never want to hear a noise like that come out of another human being. We then of course, had to put bingo on hold for a bit, which means shutting down the bingo machine...dead eerie silence after screaming and chaos is awful. I didn't know whether I was going to puke, or cry. Terrible. The little guy was ok after he had some time to calm down and change his clothes and was able to play the rest of the night. HIs mom won the $97.75 jackpot, which I thought was quite nice. (Yes, Jo, $97 jackpots and $15/20 games! biggest one of the summer!) The lady who won the frisbee round came to talk to me in the store the next morning, and I have never met a woman so thrilled to have won a frisbee (it was cute).

The last night at the cottage was spent watching fireworks in Lion's Head (impressive!) and then playing hand-slapping/screaming/laughing/carrying on card games into the wee hours of the morning. My wrist is sore today.

I don't like this time of year. Leaving the cottage always sucks big time, even though it feels really good to be home. Still a week until school, but no responsibilities as of right now. It's weird to be in limbo.