blog, the cottage edition

Saturday, June 21, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I'm writing this from the lovely basement of the cottage! We arrived yesterday, and I don't start work until tomorrow, so today has been a wonderful day of relaxing, seadooing, biking...all the good stuff!

It always takes a lot of preparation weeks in advance to be able to spend the whole summer up here. You can always tell it's close to summer when Mom starts doing odd things around the house. The other week I found a pint of blueberries in the Tupperware drawer. Mom claims they "fell in" and she forgot to take them out. A few days before we left she loaded the dirty laundry into the dryer. When we arrived here yesterday, we found her tea mug in the garden. It would have been sitting there for two weeks. No tea left though...just some dirty rain water.

Now that we're here we can finally breath and relax...hopefully I won't find...bowls of salsa in my bed, or anything. I feel so spoiled being able to walk downstairs to check my email. I'm used to biking down to the camp and using the little crummy computer in the corner of the office. my friend. It's time to start a new knitting project (Dawn, I found a wonderful knitting store on the way up here!!) and watch whatever is on CTV. It's not especially clear, so CBC is fuzzy. Ah cottage living. So fantastic...