A full campground, or, why planning ahead is a good life choice

Friday, August 1, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Today is the start of the long weekend, our busiest weekend of the summer. We're always booked up right to the brim on this weekend, and since I've never worked in the office before this year, I haven't realized how nutty it gets.

Loads of people are checking in and out, and seasonals are in and out with all sorts of silly questions. I think if anyone unreasonable and grumpy decides to raise a fuss, they do it on days like today. Kids are in and out renting or returning equipment. Emails are pouring into our inbox (most of them extremely dirty junk mail) and the phone is ringing off the hook. It is LOUD in the office, and the phones are quiet, so you spend half of your time asking people to repeat what they just said. 95% of my phone calls today were people looking for campsites for this weekend. We have been booked solid for about two weeks now, so I feel like a parrot telling them to look elsewhere for accommodations.

This is what I don't understand. The long weekend happens the same time every year, it's no secret, so WHY must people leave it until the DAY BEFORE and then act surprised when you have nothing for them? It boggles my mind. There are real living people north of Waterloo, believe it or not, and they go camping! Also, if I tell you I don't have anything available, asking fifteen more times in the same phone call will not change anything. NO, we don't have any campsites, NO we don't have any cottages, and NO we don't have any camping cabins! Seriously, NO MEANS NO!!!! BAH!!!


I am very much looking forward to school.