Sunday, August 10, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Working at a campground in the rain is probably the worst ever, because people are paying to sleep on the ground and get wet during the only week or two they have off all year. It's totally a kick in the pants for them, and I imagine it must suck. I get this impression because the soggy campers tend to take their miserable misfortune out on us.

I've heard that there has been a ton of rain in the city and that the weather has broken records this season. I think Miller Lake must be in a bubble, because yesterday was the first day all summer that it rained during the day. We've had a few storms overnight, and some showers as well, but yesterday was the first day of constant near torrential rain. It hadn't rained for about 3 weeks before that. Neener neener boo boo.