sorry, that was gross

Monday, September 29, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Every year my mother asks for a Christmas list at least 5 months before Christmas. This puts me into thinking about Christmas mode in the summertime, of which I am not really a fan. This year she was especially insistent about getting a list so she can be done all of her shopping before the end of October.

Last night I wrote her a list. It is as follows (take notes, people):

1. Baby Grand Piano (shiny and black)
2. Puppy (furry and black)
3. The ability to eat gluten without getting the runs
4. Barbie van (like Sarah' has a hot tub)
5. Stick-on earrings (the ones that look like jewels)
6. Copious amounts of candy (the more sugar, the better)

It has since been revised because we're already getting a puppy (at the end of October), and even if we weren't getting a puppy, Dad thinks he's hairy enough to make up for it.