Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
The following is a personality profile of everyone in my Avant-Garde music class. Why? Because I can't sleep, and because I find everyone so fascinating.

Excessively smiley guy - sits at the front, fidgets, and legitimately loves avant-garde music. I think he's the only one.
Guy who belongs in a boy band* - wears big diamond studs and has extremely styled hair. Definitely visits a salon on a regular basis.
Bad facial hair guy* - he carries a skateboard to class.
Guy who got out of doing a presentation because his laptop is crappy* - seriously.
Princess girl - her job is to be Disney princesses and sing at functions (I know, I'm jealous too)
Girl who sounds like she has a retainer in her mouth, but doesn't - I know that sounds mean, but it's the best way to describe her.
Girl with annunciation issues - hangs out with Retainer Girl...it's ridiculous.
Girls at back of room who don't say anything - I think there are two of them.
Girl with boyfriend - they play tonsil hockey before every class
Big computer science guy* - he likes computers.
Sufjan* - he looks like Sufjan Stevens, but wears Mr. Rodgers cardigans. He also played a washcloth in class. I mean that quite literally.
Migrating Sean - started at the back of the class, ended up beside me. We're friends because we both wear glasses.
Guy who never had to do the presentation because I've never heard him speak - pretty sure he's a robot.
Strange Sarah - she's super tall and looks like she belongs in Strange But Delightful Clothes magazine.
Piano Hands Guy* - Refreshingly weird. He did a presentation where he attempted to put a sock on his foot, with tiny keyboards taped to his hands. He says something every class that makes me laugh, but I don't, because I'm never sure if he's kidding or not.
Old lady Laura - she's 70 something and is auditing the class just because she wants to - wicked awesome.
Tiny brown guy* - he's tiny and brown, and looks like he's 12.
Migrating Sean - started off at the back of the class, and ended up beside me. We're friends because we have glasses.
Quiet Craig - I have been sitting beside him for 9 classes and the only thing I know about him is that he is in history. Oh, and his landlord has a dog. He doesn't speak.

*wears excessively tight pants