and so it begins...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 - Posted by Amanda Bast
...another application process. Now that all teacher's college application stuff is done with (including an interview with Laurier!) I get to think about summer jobs. Because of the intense wedding season (!!!), I've decided not to seek employment up at the lake this summer.

Here begins the hunt to find a reasonable job during a time when many companies are on hiring freezes because of the economy. Hoorah. I've decided to cover all of my bases - from insurance companies to libraries to scrapbooking stores to daycares - I will apply for them all.

The only things I refuse to do: work at a food establishment where I cannot eat any of the items offered (i.e. Dairy Queen or Glutenway) and anything involving extensive amounts of vacuuming (i.e. cleaning at a hotel).

The vacuuming thing seems trite, but I would rather do most things than vacuum. Like pick up dog poop. I'd much rather do that then vacuum.

Yet again, a mildly serious post turns to poop.