*We've never actually started. Minor detail.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - Posted by Amanda Bast
My mother and I decided that this year is THE year. 2010 will be a year of change. This year we will finally diverge from bad behaviours and commit to something better. We will move away our unhealthy antics and move on to something rewarding and refreshing. We won't just replace our bad habit with another bad habit. Instead we will actively seek ways to enrich our lives. Our bodies will thank us for it. Our loved ones will cheer us on. Our spirits will soar and no longer be burdened. Joy will seep back into our lives. We will regain control. Nothing will stop us from reaching our goals. To say the sky is the limit would be limiting ourselves. The universe is the limit. Wait no, there is no limit. We are limitless. We are strong, powerful women who are beautiful, inside and out. We are soldiers, fighting in a war against unrealistic ideals. We will no longer be defined by how we look or the clothes we wear or the products we consume, no! We will stand up for ourselves and power through. When we've come to the end of our rope, we will tie a knot and hold on for dear life. We will lean on each other, when we're not strong. We'll be friends. We'll help each other carry on. It's not going to be long before someone else needs someone to lean on. So just call on us, brothers, if you need friends. We all need somebody to lean on.

This is it, and it is really happening. I believe in us, and so should you. Please, help us by being our cheerleaders.

This year, 2010, my mother and I vow to quit smoking*. Please, join us in our journey. It's going to be a wild ride.