Things That Most People Think Are Dumb But Amanda Thinks Are Awesome: Part 1

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - Posted by Amanda Bast
If you've seen my blog before, you've probably seen a "Weird Crap That Freaks Amanda Out" (WCTFAO) post. I essentially rant about crap that I hate. Now it is time to rant about crap I love. This here is my first installation of Things That Most People Think Are Dumb But Amanda Thinks Are Awesome (TTMPTADBATAA). You could also call these posts "In Defense of the Weak". Today I will be writing about (drum roll please!)....


If you know me at all, you aren't surprised.

For those of you living under a rock, please watch the following commercial:

I received my Snuggie for Christmas last year from my brother and sister-in-law. They knew I would appreciate both the cheesiness and warmth that the Snuggie provides. Needless to say, it was my favourite gift. It is blue, it is fuzzy and it is warm. It also can fit multiple people if I so choose. I complain about being cold constantly, especially since I spend the majority of my home time in the basement. Yes, our family business specializes in fireplaces, but I can only have the Napoleon GD 70 on for so long before my housemates* complain about the heat.

The Snuggie is the perfect solution.

I can blog with my entire body covered in Snuggie. I can watch a movie while wrapped up in a Snuggie. I often play my piano in my Snuggie. I can wrap the Snuggie around me like a kimono and cook dinner. Or put the dog out. Possibly do laundry. I can knit and not get tangled in my yarn. My Snuggie has accompanied me on a winter retreat and kept me warm at night and during sessions. It has accompanied me to many movie nights. I took it to the drive-in movie theatre once. In every situation I am warm and I am oh so cuddly. What's not to love about that?

I do realize that my Snuggie isn't exactly attractive. I don't have gentlemen lined up because they think my Snuggie is sexy. My Snuggie does not bring all the boys to the yard. The Snugg is Ugg. I realize this, yet I'm ok with it. I am secure enough in myself to wear a Snuggie in public and not worry about repelling a possible mate. Maybe one day I'll meet a guy who has always wanted to try a Snuggie, and I'll be right there waiting for him with open Snuggie arms. We'll be soul mates, and we'll be warm in our little Snuggie world.

I think in some cases it even makes me more attractive as a friend. I don't know about you, but whenever I see someone doing something or wearing something that is funny or offbeat, I immediately want to know more about this person. They are either completely weird or have a great sense of humour. Either way, they'd be a delight to hang out with. My best friends are also my weirdest friends (don't worry, this is why I love you). My Snuggie wearing self is more approachable because my Snuggie says, "Not only am I warm, but I'm fun, too!" Just the other week, I wore my Snuggie to an event and had people asking to try it. One person didn't want to give it back. I know you might think it looks lame, but I know there was some jealousy. Someone was coveting my Snuggie. Don't worry, I'm good at sharing.

While you mock my Snuggie and say it is no different than a backwards housecoat, I will just smile. You can tell me it is dorky and pointless, but I will shrug and wrap myself tighter. I have discovered the beauty and warmth of this blue polar fleece wonder. I am patient. I will wait for you to realize the joy that lies in owning something so delightful. And until then, I will cozy up on the couch with my dear friend, Snuggie. And I will be warm.

*This is what I call my parents when I feel lame for still living at home.