Things That Most People Think Are Dumb But Amanda Thinks Are Awesome: Part 3

Thursday, March 17, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting a group of people whom I only get to see about once a year. I say privilege because I absolutely love this day of the year. The purpose of seeing these people is not just to see them, but to benefit from their knowledge. They are experts. They are professionals. They are good at what they do. I look forward to my appointment.

Ladies and gentlemen, I love going to the dentist. This is the absolute truth.

My dentist's office is in a little town outside of the city. Since I'm not driving a total of and hour and half to university and back anymore, I now welcome long and leisurely drives. I pump the tunes and take the back country roads. On said drive, I like to count the number of horse and buggies that I pass. This number is usually pretty high. And guess what? Some of those Mennonites are making their way to my dentist. Because they know he's awesome. Mennonites know awesome when they see it.

When I arrive at the office, I am greeted by my lovely hygienist, Cindy. She's a gem. I have never once experienced the things Tyler Stanton has experienced. She's sweet and chatty (but not overly so). Even though I only see her once a year, she remembers details about me and always has something kind and encouraging to say. Yesterday she inquired about my theatre experience because she had read an article about the play I was in back in November. NOVEMBER. It is now March. That's a long time to keep information stored about a person you see once a year. Nice work, Cindy.

After Cindy, my dentist comes for a visit. I'm sure he's doing actual work, but it feels like just a visit. He is exceptionally gentle and you hardly notice he's doing anything. Again, he always has a questions for me and it never feels like I'm having a conversation with someone I only see once a year. When he looks at my teeth, he raves about their beauty. He makes me feel like my teeth are the only ones in the room. He makes it worthwhile to brush and floss religiously. After my appointment, I'm certain he goes home and writes poetry about my teeth.

When he is finished, he hands me a toothbrush and says, "Keep doing such a good job." And then he flashes me a smile and winks. It's magical.

I know you're jealous, and that's ok. When you go to the dentist, you have white knuckles and bleeding gums. You cringe when you see them get out the little pokey stick. You nearly gag when you hear a drill. There is nothing wrong with you. You are normal. Very few people are like me, and I realize that fact. I have never had a cavity. I've never had to have any procedures done on my teeth*. I've never felt guilty after I leave the dentist.

The ability to have wonderful teeth is my super power. Which is why I think the dentist is awesome.

What is your super power? Is it more awesome than liking the dentist?

*Besides braces. That is an entirely different post. I hated the orthodontist.