and so it begins...

Monday, October 9, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast

First post on my new blog! Gotta love the polka dots.

Good thanksgiving weekend was had by all.

Friday was my favourite. Shopping with a couple of hot redheads from Guelph in between classes was a blast. Stress was relieved, until we realized that we had to end our marvelous day with stats class. Tip of the day: never name your daughter Gerarda.
Out to dinner with cousin Lowa, to rant about anything and everything, the good, bad, and mildly disturbing. Oh, to play therapist is my favourite game. Guy smiley was our waiter. Our chick movie that we rented from the boy down the street was awful. I have to get my mind around the fact that dancing does not equal a good flick.

Saturday was my favourite. All around lazy day, alone in this big house. Scrubbed the floor. Went to the Ranch with the ladies at night. Oh. Man. So. Much. Fun. I have a new appreciation for cowboys, their hats and their twangy music. Two-steppin Steve is crazy but sweet. He bought us ladies some roses. Poor guy in the striped shirt who tried talking to me. I'm clueless and bitter but I like dancing.

Sunday was my favourite. Boy band at church was in fine form. The drive up to the cottage with Mattie and Heath was grood - although I've heard the Maneater song way more times than I ever wanted to. Dinner was sooooo maja is amazing. Mom, Dad, Matt, Josh, Heath, Brad, Bill, Tick and myself. We all said what we were thankful for after dinner. Glistening eyes all around, me thinks.

Monday wasn't really my favourite. I decided it would be a good idea to go seadooing, after Dad tells me it's gorgeous out. He was wearing his wetsuit. I wore sweats and a t-shirt. I started walking out to where it's moored, then while in the water, Dad tells me I have to push the stupid thing out to the middle of the stupid shallow lake. Stupid. In the summer, the water is about 85 degrees. My mother informed me that it was 55 degrees on Monday. Fantastic. My feet got stuck in the mud and I fell over in the water. Good thing I rolled up my pants. The actual ride around the lake was amazing. Soooo gorgeous. I'm still paying for that ride, with coldness and scratches and bruises from scrubby seaweed. Yes, I complain, but it was well worth it. I miss Ivan. I gave him a hug. Next summer, my love, we will be together again. The drive home was ok, feeling a little cruddy, but Clay Aiken and his stalker song helped (only with Heather...poor Matthew). Conclusion: I am amazing at 20 questions. I seriously kick butt.

Now I'm home alone, which I hate, much too quiet. And I'm frozen. No sex seminar tomorrow morning...which means sleeeeeeeeeeeep! for me.