Subtle Monkeys

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I think subtlety is the weirdest looking word. Who ever thought of the silent "b" concept?? English makes no sense to me. Heather displayed some extreme subtlety today in the library.

Just an update - I'm marrying Moose and living in a Moldovian prison. Our main mode of transportation will be a flutter board, and to keep food on the table for our 64 kids, I will be a binder coil putter-inner. Melissa the frog breeder, will provide for Moose's 54 additional children. I should actually have a conversation with the guy before this whole baby-making thing starts becoming an issue.

I've been feeling sort of funny these days. I thought I was going to pass out in geography class today. It freaked me out a little, because I don't know anyone in the class. What if no one noticed? Eeek. Can't figure out if my ickiness is stress, or lack of sleep or something else. I speculate that someone is sneaking gluten into my food. (Caleb, I will retaliate with ham!)

I got my long awaited knitting book with the swear in the title yesterday. I also let myself loose in a craft store...beads on sale. All I want to do is be crafty, but I can't, with all this school and junk. Three midterms on Monday and Tuesday next week. Oiy.

In other news, my mother is hilarious. I wish I could tape record all the ridiculous things she says in a day. We had a conversation about vegetarianism the other night, and her conclusion was this: "Yes, I do think I'm against cruelty to monkeys."