But I'm le-tired

Sunday, October 22, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Last night I had a dream that my car got stolen. But, it wasn't the whole car. The wheels were still there, and the outer frame...but eveything else - seats, motor, windows, doors, everything - was gone. It resembled a doon buggy, which would have been pretty sweet, but the lack of a motor would have caused some problems. My ankle was also sore when I woke up. Maybe from psychologically running after the thief.

People were over last night. We had fun. Pool, hockey, movie - the usual at my place. I got started on my knitting finally, thanks to some clever knitting boys. The first few rows are rough - "full of memories" as a certain young lad would say. (At least I can purl and it looks half decent!)

Laur came over. We made amazing stirfry. Yes, so amazing that it gets mentioned in the blog. We are talented. Wait, no, Laur is good at talking while I make amazing stirfry :o) We sat on the stairs and talked for awhile once everyone had gone home. Next time, before bed we shouldn't discuss intruders, strange noises and lack of dogs in the empty house.

The orchestra played at church. Between Laur and I, we figured out that the leaders were a teacher from her high school, and my grade four french teacher. Tres bizarre.

Friday when I was in a craft store looking at yarn, a girl asked me about types of yarn. We both were clueless together. Today, the same girl sat in the pew ahead of me. Tres bizarre aussi.

Fun word to say of the day:

(if you don't know what this means, save yourself the psychological scarring and don't look it up!)