it got better

Saturday, October 21, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Friday afternoon as I was eating dinner (and watching Grey's) I must have scratched the back of my already sore throat with the carrots I was eating or something, because I was almost convinced that my throat was swelling shut. It was kind of scary, yet I knew the whole time that I was being irrational (probably because no one else was home). I was convinced enough however, to devise a plan in case of true "throat swelled shut-age". I did not have to execute my plan. I ignored it, and I didn't die so hey! everything is peachy. Now it's just funny. Being home alone makes me a little loopy.

Friday was Source, and oh man, I am so glad I went. The music session was pretty low-key, but so true and real, and the kind of honest worship that brings tears to my eyes. Josh played his flute and made me want to play my little Floyd so badly. Suz talked, it was good. I was able to write a bit. Later on some of us got our craft on. I feel like I was a little anti-social - when I play with beads and wire I ignore everything else around me. The whole night was so simple, but after a week of crappiness and feeling broken and weary, it was so amazing. I was surrounded by the things that make me!...and I got to write a little. Restoration from God is so simple sometimes. Things are good. They were good before, but I'm just consciously aware that they are good today.

I'm reading about sex the whole day. Ask me about some interesting facts...I'm loaded with trivia. The house smells like chocolate cupcakes. I found the tapes with my TV debut on them to show Pam. Going to pickup knitting things from Grandma this afternoon, and people over tonight. My dear Lowa is staying the night...our stirfry will be amazing. People in this house is a very very good thing.