"if you want it to be jammin' gotta get somebody slammin' babeeh"

Friday, October 27, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Right now, at this very moment, I'm having a boy band dance party. I needed a paper writing break, and what better way to break than with the boys. Laugh all you want, I'm having fun. It makes me miss the car backstreet boy dance party days with Ben and Owen. Ohhh now those were some good times. I really need a good car dance party sometime. Like soon. Very soon.

The last SDP (Spontaneous Dance Party) experience I had was at VoG with Krispy and the Leb. French folk-polka music, anyone? I think I need to increase my SDP intake significantly. It's crucial to my well being. Next time anyone wants to have a SDP I'm so there.

Today I wrote a midterm. Now I'm working on a paper. A paper a week for the next few weeks, and a stats test and I will be DOOOOONE. Until finals. I think there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 24 days of class left. I can smell sweet sweet freedom already.

I went to the College St. girls' house during break today. Verboom got a call from her sister, instructing her to catch the next bus to Kitchener. The next bus left at noon. It was 11:37 and Nicky was not packed nor in the state of mind to be thinking about packing. Wow, talk about kicking it into high gear. There were some impressive displays of team work and major hustling. The Bastmobile performed stupendously. We made it. Ran to the bus, and heard the final boarding call, but we made it. Oh the epinephrine definitely kicked in :o)

In other news, if anyone can name the Backstreet Boys song that the title of this post is from (without googling) I'll give you a high five. And an all access pass to my next BBDP (Boy Band Dance Party). You know you want to be there.

Costume party tomorrooooooow. Krispy and my costumes will rock the house. (Or should I say chapel???)