Saturday, October 14, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Here by popular demand, are some interesting facts about Professor Preyde:

- no one knows how to pronounce her name (Per-eye-dah, Pray-dee, Prayed?)

- she starts off most classes with a corny anecdote or child blunder story she finds on the internet. One time she told us that when she was in the airport, she saw this kid kicking his sisters, and the dad finding it funny. I think that was my favourite story.

- she loves the word "notion". Last semester, Heather and I kept a tally every class...the record was in the 30s, I think. Quite impressive in a 50 minute class.

- she uses phrases that make no sense, but no one seems to notice until a few minutes later, when it has registered.
Notes written to Melissa:
October 5 - "Is afterhand a word?"
October 12 - "You're on the exact right track...what??"
October 12 - "According to the Canadian Celiac Association, I'm married." (ok, no relevance whatsoever)

- she pulls out the most obscure and irrelevant tidbits of information and makes them multiple choice questions. Studying is almost unnecessary, because no living creature can recall the divorce rate in Egypt in 1960 as compared to the divorce rate in Djubouti in 2003.

I must say, despite her lack of lecture pizazz, she is a really sweet lady, and it is nearly impossible to not like her....beforeward the midterm and afterhand the midterm.

Additional musings:
October 12 - "is that guy ridiculously attractive to you, too?"*** (Melissa's response: He looks like he just rolled out of bed. Amanda, you have a serious problem.)

***Disclaimer: there are three guys in the class of over 100, much like all CYF classes. When you are constantly surrounded by females, anyone of the male persuasion looks decent.

Now I must press onward. Back to the books.