Bundle of His Purkinje Fibers

Friday, October 13, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I think the only thing that keeps me entertained in physiology are the silly names for things. Bundle of His? Purkinje Fibers? I'm in the process of writing a song about it. "Quit pulling on my chordae tendineae, baby, it's messin' up my tricuspid valve/I don't like the way you make my atrium contract, it feels all empty inside/When you're around baby, I'm all Tachycardia oooh oooh" I'll work on it...

How come when it snows I crave Iced Caps? (I didn't give in Melissa, I had coffee instead). The hopped up, jittery, giggling Manda is the cause of this stupid blog. I'm thinking of having more caffeine to preserve this extra fun side of me for tonight.

Now that it is hockey season, I can post this picture of my father and eldest brother, Matt. Daddio and Machoo. Mi padre y mi hermano. Dave and Mini Dave. I entitle this one, "Jujube heads". I'm extra proud of them.

Small group last night was really good. We had TWO new people, that's right, TWO and it was extra cool to have them out. The study went awesomely, and needless to say I am really really excited about what came from it. Aw man, Jesus turns my perceptions of anything completely upside down...a little scary, but mostly exciting.

Duany and I made popcorn, and burnt the crap out of it. I took it out of the microwave and puffs of smoke were coming out of the top. Consequently, the awful awful smell permeated throughout my vest (and my hair), and it still stinks (the vest, not my hair). And the pink flamingo ladies probably still have a bag of burnt popcorn on their back step...I forget these things. The night ended with another rousing teasing session with the HAY STEVE ladies.

I'm making soup today for the potluck. Feels like a soup kind of day. In the meantime I will think of lyrics for the "Cute Hottie Breakup Song". It will be maaaahvelous.

I haven't seen much of mom today, but she did say this yesterday:

"Did you see that? That loaf of bread just talked back to me!"