I am not left handed, but I'm working on it

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Here's a bunch of updates I keep forgetting to post:

-My cactus died a few weeks ago. R.I.P. Dill Prickle.
-I'm relocating to the basement as soon as my room is painted (green!)
-Fernando is still alive and swimming, despite the fact I barely feed him
-I miss Josh because of his shockingly inappropriate comments and random outbursts of yelling
-I miss Zoe's happy squeals and her good puppy smell
-Pan de Vida is no longer just a dream...I need a passport!
-Kyle Christie is still my favourite newscaster, and will be forever
-The Bastmobile hit a milestone last week - or should I say, a 100 000 kilometer-stone
-Kerry's latest mixed CD: Manders' Mix III is maybe the best yet
-I have one week from tomorrow to learn the words to hundreds of Dashboard songs
-Wednesdays are the best days of the week
-Captain Obvious is my hero
-My perscription changed and I need new funky glasses
-Our annual Bast family jam session will be the best yet because of a new addition to this year's band

Quote of the day:
prof: "Children need to learn which behaviours are more appropriate than other behaviours."
Me: "Punching is more appropriate than kicking."
Nicky: "Work on your left hook."