Kegcellent Adventures in Pandavillage, Mexicola with the Two-Chested Girl

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I had a crappy week and I was a huge downer for parts of it *coughwednesdaycough* but it's been one freaking incredible week all at once. I love how something devestating (or seemingly so) can happen, and it SUCKS big time, but then this leads you to experience grace and love and support in the simplest of ways from the most amazing people. It's strange that I still have trouble comprehending that God will provide even when I've seen Him do it countless times. Time to listen to Isaiah 6 again. Man, I love that song.

I've handed in my application, had my interview (with the guy who played Jesus in The Choice...), and I'm working on getting a passport. Mexico, here I come! I can't wait to hug those kids.

In other news, today "big brother's best friend in high school" Kyle came over to paint my room. My very green, very bright room is very lovely. It's like living in a lilypad. Dad: "Hey, now you can pick your nose and smear it on the wall, and you won't even be able to tell." Thanks, Dad. Saturday is the moving in day. Watch for a room-warming party in the near future.


I'm excited. Just a little bit.

Word of the day: grody

Thought of the day: I want to go to a keg party if only just to walk in and say, "Hey guys, this party is kegcellent."

Joke of the day: Today Ray-chill re-told me the peanut butter sandwich joke. It continues to scar me, even when I already know the punchline...*shudder*