The Beauty of Realization

Sunday, February 4, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast

Some things I've realized over the past few (intense) weeks:

* I serve a God of new beginnings and unconditional love. That my friends, is a beautiful thing.

* I have been blessed some of the greatest friends I could ever hope and pray for. I've experienced so much support lately, from the loveliest of ladies and gentlemen. You know who you are...thank you guys, I love you tons and owe you lots of hugs.

* Tea, hugs and letters in the mail make the world a brighter place. And laughter...ohh what would I do without laughter?

* I can honestly say that my mom is my biggest ally and one of my best friends. I know without a doubt that she is praying her little heart out for me on a daily basis. That is a cool thing to realize, let me tell you.

* I am being sent to Mexico to serve children. Alright, this is mind boggling. ME...I am going for REAL to a foreign country to play with kids. How sweet and amazing is this? Spanish speaking people, Jesus, children, and most likely tacos....some of my favourite things, all combined into one crazy experience.

And finally, I have just recently realized the following:

* Mexico is warm. Not super "wow I am really sweaty and I wish I could jump in a pool of icecubes" hot, but warm. Which means no snow. Snow free for 10 days. I am excited.