the better blogging bureau

Monday, April 16, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
If there was such a thing as the better blogging bureau, I would have gotten a call from them for my last post. Seriously, who writes about a clock? Me, when I'm supposed to be studying. Yeah. Well. I know you love it.

BIG NEWS: I never have to do stats EVER again. How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!! The only downfall to completing stats is that it signifies the last course of our program that has boys in it. Well, unless you count Dictionary Dillon (who, we decided today, is a "hunk of burning love")...buuut we don't usually count him. It's sad, really. But I am taking a music (yay!) course in the fall that will have boys in it. First year boys. Honestly, I need to take better courses.

Good thing there isn't really a BBB, because it would nail me again for today's useless post. Which now I will try to make up for by posting some pictures of things I've done that may also have broken some rules...
The time when I was dressed up like a dude and danced on a counter at church.

The time we took advantage of Jake's pastor key and went exploring at the church.

The time we invaded Ty's house and made a human pyramid. I would just like to say that no matter what Tyler says, we didn't actually break any rules (other than Caleb noodling in Ty's bed..), in fact, we made a good impression when we helped his mom carry in her groceries.

The time I got into an IKEA bed with my shoes on.

And lastly, the time I was in a hole in the stage at church.