the Lake, the Lovelies, the Labels

Monday, May 21, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Wow. Good weekend. Instead of the weekend recap, I will make a list of highlights:
-metal music on the way up - complete with bandanas
-devil sticks. Oh gosh. Never again.
-NEW ROOF ON THE REC HALL!!! (this means no bats!)
-talking and giggling until early in the morning
-garage sale - Caleb bought a label maker and consequently everything in my cottage is accurately labeled (my favourite being "gluten-free microwave/heat up yo gluten somewhere else sucka")
-dock party! whooo!
-Cardboard Kerry showed up in many a picture. He had more fun than real Kerry would have.
-"Luuuke, would you like to play a game, Luuuke?"
-Girl Talk
-calling real Kerry at 1am and making him angry :o)
-talking until early hours of the morning again
-huuge long nice lovely wonderful sleep in
-went to Tobermory to tour the harbour (with Cardboard Kerry) and to the lighthouse for a nice little photoshoot
-extended games of bump
-campfire, stargazing
-"this is for the lovers, strictly for the lovers...if you've got someone to get close to, get close to this UNHHH/like a flower to a treeeeee that's how close I wanna be, (bop bop booo) baby to your heart (your heart ooohhh)"
-SUNRISE! (so cold, sooo very cold)
-an apology serenade (awww)
-slushies on the way home

more pictures later, but here's a few to hold you over:

Me, Cardboard Kerry, Micah, Caleb, Kristi in the Tob!

Cardboard Kerry, Kristi, the Beav, and I in the Tobermory Harbour