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Thursday, May 17, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Today was what I call a "Mom Day". It's pretty self-explanatory. I spent the day with mom. We went grocery shopping, checked out the cute bag boys, went to Stemmler's to pick up some meat, checked out the cute mennonites. I did a lot of lugging, on account of mom not being allowed to do any heavy lifting. I forsee myself acting as a packmule quite a bit in my future.

I baked some cookies. I loaded up the car for the trip to the cottage tomorrow. I also recieved this string of emails:

Me: Caleb is bringing salad and apples. Still no meat besides hamburgers.

Kristi: Au contraire, Micah will bring steak and lobster.

Caleb: I'm going to make a tiny speedo for each lobster.

Probably the highlight of the day so far. Tonight is the season's finale of Grey's and the making of Cardboard Kerry. Yes, it is really happening. Pictures to post later.