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Friday, November 23, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I was at the One of a Kind Craft Show today and it was FUN. Life goal #472: Operate a booth at that show. Maybe someday?

As a crafty (am I allowed to call myself artistic?) person, it's a dangerous thing to go to because there is inspiration overload. My head is currently buzzing with ideas. Exciting, yes, but also frustrating because I need to be studying, not daydreaming about pretty things to make. I basically know what my booth would look like if I were to have a booth. I don't have enough stuff made to have a booth, but I figure those are just minor details...

Anyway, on to other exciting things...

Sometimes people tell me things about their families that I don't believe (like the time Wally told me his grandma was a menno doctor in Mexico..), but then they have some solid proof to back up their stories. That happened today.

My sister-in-law Heather has an uncle that lives in Argentina. He works for Disney, and puts on huge stage productions. He's also on an "Idol" type show, and he's basically the Simon Cowell of Argentina. People recognize him wherever he goes. Watch this:
The youngins dance to that mix in the clubs. So hip. The Macfarlane family also knew this lady (the one on the car) but she apparantly was killed by a drunk driver. Cue music and creepy puppets. Those are seriously creepy. Sorry about that.