Something atrocious

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Page 226 of my parenting research textbook talks about "child-first language". Basically what this means is that when discussing children with exceptionalities, you say the child first, and then the exceptionality. For example, you would say "a child with a visual impairment" as opposed to "a visually impaired child". This is a big deal in this field. A very big deal. We get docked marks in papers sometimes.

The author ensures that this issue is stressed. Turn the page, however, and you will see on page 228, a heading that says "Parenting the Autistic Child". A HEADING!! Not just slipped in a paragraph by accident, a freaking heading. A page after it talks about child-first language. There are a few more instances like this throughout the chapter (Parenting the Physically Impaired Child etc.). Terrible! Slightly funny, because the two headings are only a page apart, but still pretty terrible.