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Saturday, November 17, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
What's the deal with you and your lack of posting, Mandie? Why aren't your posts as frequent as they have been in the past?

Sorry. It's true - I have been slacking a little. It's not because I forget, or because I don't want to...it's because I feel like there isn't anything blogworthy happening in my life right now.

Now hold on Mandie, nothing blogworthy happening? You write about useless crap that is only sometimes funny. I think that's a lame excuse.

Yes, it's probably a lame excuse, but hey, I'm pretty good at being lame on purpose. Perhaps the reason nothing blogworthy is happening is because I'm actually doing things lifeworthy these days.

Lifeworthy? Oh give me a break! What could possibly be more important than blogging?

Ummm...lets see. A wicked sweet small group, amazing friends, being a full-time third wheel, knitting, kindergarten, getting decent (or more decent than last term) marks, drinking a lot of water, drinking too much coffee, driving to and from school, and getting next to no sleep. This and this have also been taking up quite a bit of my time. And Tetris. Can't forget about Tetris.

I see your point. It's hard to blog about Tetris.

Obviously. It's easier to have a conversation with yourself on a blog than it is to blog about Tetris.