things that have amused me this past week

Monday, November 12, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
A firefighter almost started a fire in my house. I'm not joking. A magazine, a hot burner and a blonde are not a good combination.

Sweet potatoes and marshmallows are a very surprising combination. So are radishes and peanut butter, but no one believes me.

A guy I thought was gay (I was pretty convinced of this) is getting married. To a girl.

This conversation in kindergarten today:
"I'm going to be a ninja when I grow up."
"You mean for halloween?"
"No, for real. I'm going to be a real ninja."

Luke's doody story.

I received my first piece of jewellery from a boy. It's made of white pipe cleaners, but it is still special.

The Backstreet Boys song "That's What She Said".

A card I got in the mail that says: "Some days are hopscotch kind of days, some days are waiting to get nailed at dodgeball kind of days. I hope today is the hopscotch kind."

The kids who are most excited to see me and hang off of me at outdoor play are all boys, and all from another classroom. Yeah, that's right. Four year olds dig me.