kids are awesome, part two

Thursday, June 12, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
This post is dedicated entirely to J, in grade two at Lex. He goes to WMB as well, so I see him up to four times a week. He's fantastic and has a sense of humor that is far beyond his years.
Me: Why are you colouring everything blue? What disease does the poor mouse have if his eyeballs are blue?
J: He ate blue cheese.
Lydia (the teacher): That's actually funny!

Things about J's future wife (he has decided these things all on his own):
1. She will not be French, therefore he doesn't need to pay attention in French class.
2. She has to take his last name...none of this new age hyphenated business
3. Ladies will not be first

This week has been presentation week, so I was sitting in the rocking chair. J's desk is across the room, and he sat holding up his journal which read: "That is my rocking chair. Get off. It's mine, not Amanda's" for a good twenty minutes.

He also wrote me a note that read:

"Dear Amanda,


*my rocking chair, get off. It's mine*