things that kind of suck, but not really, and some helpful solutions

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Problem: Starbucks ran out of soy milk
Why it kind of sucks: Milk makes you wheezy and irritable.
Solution: Buy a tea and complain loudly so they give you a free beverage coupon.

Problem: not being able to wear your clogs because they are getting repaired.
Why it kind of sucks: you are stuck wearing ugly running shoes. Clogs are much more stylish.
Solution: Socks and sandals (seriously, this is more stylish than my running shoes).

Problem: your prof wants to meet with you at Second Cup to discuss your paper topic.
Why it kind of sucks: Just plain awkward because it seems date-like.
Solution: sign up for a time in between migrating Sean and Quiet Craig, so the awkwardness of meeting the prof is outweighed by the awkwardness of encountering both of these two outside of a classroom setting.

Problem: you wear a new angora sweater to school
Why it kind of sucks: you discover that you are more or less allergic to angora and you are stuck wearing it for at least nine more hours. Also, it sheds it's pink fur all over your black backpack like nobody's business.
Solution: only wear sweater outdoors. As soon as you get inside a building, remove sweater and itch arms for the entire length of the class.