Bean Day

Friday, October 22, 2010 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Today I had the absolute pleasure of taking care of my one and only (until April!) super awesome, beautiful, hilarious baby niece, The Bean.

Our day started at around 7:00am. She ate some prunes (mistake!) and peaches, played, pooped, giggled and then had a nap at 9:00am. After sleeping for two hours, we took a trip to my new place of employment (!) to drop off some more documents. This new place of employment which shall not be named due to confidentiality and such is under renovations and therefore all elevators are not working. We had to go through two sets of sliding doors, around the corner, up two flights of stairs, through the cafeteria and down the hall to HR where we arrived out of breath but still looking oh so cute.

First thing I learned today: BABIES ARE HEAVY. Also, I need to start working out.

The secretary thought Bean was my child. I corrected her, but she told me that I look like a "good Mommy". So is this because my hair was a mess? Or was I wearing mom jeans? Or did I just look exhausted? DO I LOOK FRUMPY?

Second thing I learned today: Other people think this kid looks like me, too.

We went home, she ate lunch, pooped, harassed the dog, cried because I wouldn't let her harass the dog, then went to have a nap. I watched cooking shows.

Third thing I learned today: I could sit for hours and watch people cook. I get sucked in really quickly. The house could be on fire and I would still be glued to the TV anxious to see if that man's beef wellington turned out.

So remember how I said earlier that prunes were a mistake? Yep. Let's just say...she had been busy, and I had a rather big mess to clean up. I wasn't grossed out? I shrugged and thanked her for the present? Two summers plus a few months at daycare have desensitized me to the grossness (but not necessarily the smell. That is never ok). The biggest challenge was trying to figure out where to put her after she was partly cleaned while I filled the bathtub (yes, that bad). I set her on the bathroom floor where she clapped and babbled.

Fourth thing I learned today: Babies pee when they aren't wearing diapers. And they think it's especially funny to do so on the bathroom floor.

After unplanned bathtime, we went to the dollar store to pick up a candle for her birthday cake. The dollar store was busy.

Fifth thing I learned today: Old people don't think I look old enough to be responsible for a child. They will flat out do an elevator look, scoff and shake their heads. Seriously.

We arrived at Grammie's exhausted but still smiling. Bean and Sassie (the dog) played together (Bean would steal a toy, Sassie would drop the one in her mouth and take the one Bean had, then Bean would steal another...and you get the idea) while I laid on the kitchen floor.

Sixth thing I learned today: Momsie tells me that when you have a tiny baby, as it grows gradually, you get used to carrying it and it doesn't feel so heavy. "They don't come out weighing 20 pounds!"

After dinner, another huge leaky dump, another bath, more giggles, lots of cuddles, a story and a bottle, it was bedtime.

Seventh and biggest thing I learned today: I want a baby. Several, actually. Except I don't want them for a while yet and I would also like someone in my life to raise said babies with. Babies and children in general are more work than I can even comprehend, and right now I couldn't do it. I am nowhere near ready. Today, although brief and not representative in every way, gave me perspective and raised more questions. How do you juggle more than one? Where do you find time to do anything other than be a mom? Are all babies this cute? How can I ensure my baby is this cute? Why don't mothers have giant biceps? Why is no one immune to that SMELL? How oh HOW do single mothers cope? I don't know. I just don't. I don't think I am meant to figure out all these things now. Right now, it's my job to be a wonderful aunt and by golly, I take this job seriously.

To conclude, I will say the following: I love you Mom. I love you Heather. You are both amazing mothers. Also, can we stop feeding her prunes? Please?