Music, Metaphors and Lots of Links

Monday, December 6, 2010 - Posted by Amanda Bast
If you're from the K-Dubs you might know that the local radio station that normally plays "today's hits and yesterday's favourites" (gag barf ew bleeding ears) now only plays Christmas music. Gross Christmas music. It's almost as bad as when they play that song by Soul Decision (you know the one. You knew it was sleazy when you were in grade five*).

I am not listening to this station. Instead, I am listening my very own Christmas playlist to end all Christmas playlists. It is comprised of the following:

1. Sufjan Stevens - Christmas Box Set
If you buy no other Christmas music, buy this box set. It is all you really need every December. My tall friend Kerry originally introduced me to this box set a few Christmases ago and I am constantly in awe of this beautiful piece of work (the box set, not Kerry...sorry bud). The genius of Sufjan plus traditional Christmas music equals pure audio heaven. He also does covers of some hymns and they make you want to sit in a corner and cry (happy tears). This is what I mean. Included in the box set is five discs, a lyric and chord booklet, short stories, a poster of Sufjan and his family, and stickers. Sufjan is quirky. But he is beautiful. I won't stop raving about this box set. Go buy it. Now. And then come back here to read about the rest.

2. Rue Royale - Christmas EP
I do believe aforementioned Kerry introduced me to this band as well. A husband and wife duo from the UK. They write beautiful songs and their harmonies are so lovely you'll wish you could turn it into some sort of...cake. That you could eat. Because it's delicious. And you would want to eat that cake every day. Their Christmas songs are like cozying up by the fire in your pajamas. Here is something exciting - you can download these three songs for FREES! Right HERE.

3. Adam Padfield - A Little Jazz for Christmas
Ok, so Paddy is a personal friend of mine and I'm giving him a little plug here, but he totally earns it. His Christmas album is so darn peppy, but it's not annoying peppy. It's jazzy peppy. It's like the parties his family throws. They're good solid fun and when you turn around, you see Paddy's mom standing on the kitchen counter taking pictures. Traditional, with a little twist. Check him out on Facebook.

4. Rosie Thomas - A Very Rosie Christmas
Thank you to Twitter friend MattyGFresh  for this gem. Apparently Rosie Thomas and Sufjan are friends which most definitely explains why I loved her right away. If Sufjan and Ingrid Michaelson had a love child, she would sound like Rosie Thomas. Listening to this album is a bit of a rollercoaster. She sings happy pretty songs, like Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year and then WHAM she hits you with Alone at Christmastime. Somewhere in between there is the coolest arrangement of Silent Night I've ever heard. My only complaint is her speaking voice. It makes me want to punch her in the face. But then she sings and I forget about the talking bits. And oh when she sings!

5. sleeper/awake - Indie Acoustic Christmas
OH WAIT. This album doesn't exist. Yet. But if it did, it would most definitely be on this list. Did you catch that, friends? Record! Record an album! In the meantime, I will just have to look forward to your yearly concert.

6. Et al
Here are some more delicious Christmas tunes to download for frees!
The Civil Wars - 2 free songs - enter your email on their myspace page
Madi Diaz - 4 free really great songs - again with the email entering here

The newer Relient K Christmas would also be on here if my computer hadn't crapped out and lost the files since last Christmas. Can anyone hook a sistah up?

Remember: Christmas is no excuse for crappy music. Happy listening.

*Speaking of songs you listened to as a child even though they were horribly inappropriate: Are those life preservers? What about a this song about...uhhh...well you know.