Gems From The Basement

Saturday, January 1, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast I don't even know where to start. It's all so overwhelming.

Mother and I were in clean-and-purge mode today. We concentrated on a bookshelf and a closet. And found many many wonderful things. So many wonderful things in fact these wonderful things will need multiple posts. First up, children's* books. After browsing through some from my childhood, I discovered the following:

-Approximately 78% of our children's books have God, Jesus, or Bible in the title.
-Approximately 14% of our children's books are Berenstain Bears, Mercer Mayer, Curious George or Richard Scarry
-Approximately 4% of our children's books are about baby animals
-Approximately 3% of our children's books are ones we wrote ourselves
-The remaining 1% of our children's books are joke books

And then there was this one:


I also learned that just because you stick God in the title doesn't make it a good read. In fact, it can be downright terrible.

This particular book had an entire page of text dedicated to incubators. Did God make incubators too, or just chickens?

Just the way I like my lambs
I also found this one, reminding me to be thankful no matter what the circumstance. Or weather.
Blogger only lets me upload landscape pics. Turn your head please.
Question on EVERY. PAGE. Swiper no swiping!
Last but not least, I stumbled upon some of my mother's handiwork from when she was a little girl.

You have got to be kidding me, blogger. You suck you suck you suck.

I assure you, this is merely the beginning of my basement treasures. Stay tuned for more.

P.S. sorry if the content of this post is crap. It took an exceptionally long time and photos were not co-operating. Computery nerdy wizards and warlocks (what are warlocks?), how can I fix this?

*Dear Firefox, stop underlining children's in red squiggles. That is grammatically correct. Just. Ugh. STOP.