Facial Hair 104

Friday, February 4, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Feel like you missed something? Click that picture on the right. The one with the spoon. Scroll down. Bam. 103, 102, and 101. For your reading pleasure.

Now I know you're expecting beards because let's face it, I've been working up to that. But I don't think we're quite ready for beards yet. Just one more before the biggie.

Facial Hair 104: The Five O'Clock Shadow

Let's define this shall we? Most men, unless they are very hairy will not produce a five o'clock shadow at five o'clock. It's more of a two days without shaving shadow. But that just sounds silly, doesn't it? So we're still calling it the five o'clock, just not specifying which day and which five o'clock. The five o'clock shadow is arguably the hottest facial hair on dudes' faces today. It's rugged. It's manly. And it's also very easy to maintain. Observe.

Don't shave.
Don't shave.

How easy is that? Quite. Patrick Dempsey has this process down to an art.

You see what I'm talkin' bout?

Dudes: it's simple. Don't shave for a couple of days. Ladies: endure the scruff because you know it looks good.

Who's with me on this one?