Facial Hair 201

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast
We talked about facial hair in terms of dudes. Now let's go a little broader and discuss other types of facial hair for dudes and ladies.  Grooming of this type of facial hair is tricky and somewhat of a lost art. Have no fear, I will teach you my ways. It's the guys' turn first.

Facial Hair 201: EYEBROWS (For Men)

Guys, there are a few rules when it comes to your eyebrows. These are very important rules, so please pay attention.

1. You should have two of them. If you have a unibrow, you NEED to do something about it, stat. Following in Bert's footsteps is a slippery slope. Soon you will be sharing a room with another dude and have someone's hand shoved up your behind. And no one wants that.

2. Put down your razor. Use tweezers instead. The space between your eyebrows and the width of your razor should not be equal. Sorry guy I went to elementary school with, but this is exceptionally obvious.

Thanks, Facebook!

3. Take it ease*. When you groom, do little bits at a time. You want to be left with guy-brows, not lady-brows. Don't go from one furry caterpillar to two sleek silkworms in the matter of minutes.  In fact, be careful how much you take off. Don't over-groom. Dudes with over-groomed brows likely have pencil thin jawline beards. And we all know how I feel about those. A man who helps women pick out wedding dresses should not be your brow role model. Just no.

4. There is no #4. That is all you need to know about your eyebrows, gentlemen.

Please use your tweezers responsibly.

*To be read with an Italian accent.