The Whole Story

Thursday, April 7, 2011 - Posted by Amanda Bast
I was at the gluten free store* today and overheard bits of a conversation between two older women and the one woman's husband. From what I heard, both women had a son in the military.

Woman 1: So he's out in BC now.

Woman 2: Oh it's so nice out there. That's where Kevin was, too.

Woman 1: Yes, I think it's good for him.

Woman 2: But don't let him marry a woman from out there. Those girls don't like to cook or clean.

Woman 1: Well I'm just glad he's leaving. He needs to leave and go far away.

Woman 2: Well don't let him meet anyone out there. Their whole place will be a mess because she's lazy. And then she'll leave him.

Woman 2's husband: Now let's not talk about this right -

Woman 2: Our son made that mistake. She was disgusting. Took the kids with her, too. She was so lazy. That woman was the worst thing....

I could go on, but I won't.

A few things:
1. Really? All women from BC? I spot a fine case of Lumping.
2. That mother-in-law is terrifying.
3. I bet Kevin isn't completely blameless.
4. I'm sorry Woman 2's husband. I'm just really sorry.
5. Is this how parents talk about their children when they're not around?
6. That mother-in-law is terrifying.


Did anyone else overhear anything magical and uplifting today?

*Celiac side note: there is a store in this beautiful city dedicated entirely to gluten free things. I can eat Every. Single. Thing. in this place. I sing the hallelujah chorus each time I enter. My quality life has increased tenfold just because of this one store. Unreal.